What I fear

February 5, 2008 at 7:50 pm (Reflections)

What do I fear?… The end! The End of The Story! Of any good story! The thought that it’s over! The beauty and the memories it kept for me – it’s all over! You put the CD in the box and never think of it again… Or is only when: “Hi, my name is [.]. Oh, btw, have you seen this cool movie [.]? It’s amazing, you totally have to see it!”

This is the worst thing about stories – they’re eventually over! But you have to move on! Keep up the fight! Find another, if necessary, but never say die! Never dare say die! Shed a tear, here or there, and soon you will forget! You swore you never will, but time’s stronger than your promises! Time’s stronger than stories! Time’s always stronger… And it does eventually win! Be it for the greatness of the short happy moments, be it for the wisdom of age, be it for the sense of infinity… Until it Ends!… That’s right John, until time ends… Then we’ll all be at peace!

But as long as time goes, there will always be war, and we’ll always be soldiers, losing battles and creating stories! Or winning battles and losing stories! But here they were wrong – you will ALWAYS be alone! Doesn’t it feel incredible? Great? Or incredibly… sad!

Yes, my wise philosophers of the German classics – matter more hateful than I could bear to read! We are ALWAYS alone! Maybe not lonely for a time or two, but alone – for as long as time. For there are no two identical human beings in this world or any! For there are no two identical pieces of matter on the face of this earth or any! For there are no souls identical to each other! For not even God counts Himself as three identical Characters (or He would combine them), but three parts of the same Being! And if we accept that there could be somebody at least similar to each of us, then there are these people who will never meet or be together for their being similar.



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