So close

September 25, 2010 at 12:46 pm (Reflections)

So close, yet so far away…

Divided by time, and distance, simply divided.. united we stand!

One cause, one heart! One dream, one illusion. One path to freedom, elusive, marginal, yet tangible, in our imaginary world, it’s there – love!

Beyond time and space. Beyond our divide. Simply beyond… reality!
You lure me to a shadow world – a world of joy – I longed to believe in. I believed. And now I only long.

You grab the hand of my soul and pull – “be not afraid!” Then why are you? Or? Did I mistake your boldness for a fear? My own? So it must have been. I don’t know you yet. I only know your promises. Of beauty, and indulgence, trust and magic… Thou shalt forgive my insecurities, milord. From too much trust I lost my soul, my heart, which now belongs to you, has witnessed one too many false confessions. It threads lightly, stealthily, so hush, try not to force it to this world or that. You paint too many pretty pictures. But in a world of brutal force and false pretence I’ve learned to let the pictures move… until they settle.

20 August 2010


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