Ha, the irony!

April 26, 2012 at 2:37 am (Reflections)

Been writing lots of letters lately.. Never to be sent. So often that I’ve neglected to reflect on things, the universe, myself. Ha, the irony!

Reflecting’s all I’ve been doing lately, but I just chose to share it with that one reader, that vast nothingness of a digital ocean, that private inner — other me, and yet so different! It’s ok, it can’t hurt me, just like I can’t hurt myself. Except, well, in the long term. Ha, the irony!

No, my reflecting, I’ve been told, or rather, shown, on numerous occasions, mind you, hurts. Other people. Those who don’t, or simply mis- understand it. You should never care, a voice deep within me whispers, for who has ever endured the intensity, the persistence of a brilliantly scattered mind, let alone – soul? A few years at best you should give them! And there – I was dreaming of eternity! Ha, the irony!

There’s nothing brilliant about it – I steal all my inspiration from other places now. Have I always? Mayhaps! Whatever it may take to drag my wretched spirit out of the mud.

With all my sincere irony,

To be continued…


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