Things lost

May 29, 2013 at 6:24 pm (Reflections)

Oh, you sure think you understand why I cry. Yes, I cry for the things you think you understand. For all of my personal selfish reasons. But I also cry for the things you don’t understand. For the been-there-and-done-that, for the things that died and those slowly dying now. Death of a nation. Of my nation.

It’s an era of change, change and death I live in. It pains me to be a casual observer of ideas and a brighter future being stifled, trampled, crucified. It pains me that people who’re not worth the ground they walk on get to make decisions impacting millions. It pains me that everything I used to know as a child is being erased. Memory by memory, cobblestone by cobblestone. Did I choose so very wrongly? I only wanted — not even sure anymore, I only wanted a way. To Be. Me. God knows I saw no way there, and it’s why I left. Whoever thought it would get this bad? Is it too late to go back? To be a change I want to see? To be a nameless martyr for an uncertain future? What does the future mean anyway – nature’s proven stronger than time. It’s us, humans, with our “culture” I shed tears for. The things that make us human is what I am mourning. The feeling called home – the one I lost some 18 years ago…


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