September 18, 2013 at 1:51 am (Reflections)

“Sorry for the delay with this task. I — I was in no condition to complete it earlier. I really wanted to, but I rarely happen what I want nowadays.”

“You know I’m here if you wish to share.”

“No, it’s nothing; no- (one)-thing. Really. I can’t. It’s not that bad. You were there in the beginning, when it was really bad. That mattered. Now is just — now. It’ll pass, and a new now will come. These come often lately.”


I think I remembered some big lessons too early. So early that I lost direction.


“Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love in life.”

“No. You always have to let go. Because the things and people you love – they are not yours, even if they come back to you. You own nothing but your feelings for them.”


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