Ode to a hero

December 5, 2014 at 1:11 pm (Reflections)

I am where I am – no, not because of you, but because of myself! Because you challenge and inspire me, my unsung hero, my demon, my handsome stranger!

Every night you knocked and begged me to take your homeless heart into mine, to live your pain and celebrate your victories, to scoff at your tribulations, for what’s impossible in your world of make-believe? Every night you inspired me to lose myself in you. And I did. Only to find myself, wilder, stronger, more free than any bird that ever roamed the skies. You were that first step I needed, to climb my stairway to the skies. I look down, and I see that the foundations of my palace lie on your shoulders. But when I look around – you’re not there, it’s only me, it’s always been only me! I’ve built a reality on the foundations of sand. It is so fragile that I don’t dare live it now, for fear it may collapse.

Perhaps it takes a leap of faith, I hear your voice inside, to cross the threshold of that castle of sand. Perhaps I will, one day, have faith again. In you. And then I’ll look around, and I’ll realize, it’s just me. For you are an actor, a mere character on the stage of a theater house. And I – an actress on the stage of life.


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