It’s Called Acting, Right?

August 22, 2018 at 4:27 pm (Reflections)

There are just certain things you can’t bring home. Certain things you can’t even unload to the majority of your friends. You know they’ll judge you. And that’s the least of your concerns.

There are certain things you can only share on stage or on the sliver screen, playing a part, pretending it’s someone else who’s actually living that life and feeling those feelings. There, for a fleeting moment in time, you get to step outside of yourself without everyone’s judgement. It doesn’t matter if you’re the actor or just a spectator: you get to be a princess knight who fights dragons, or a peasant boy who gets the girl. You get to be the evil witch who curses the kingdom, or just curses a lot. You get to fill your heart with all these things you know you’re missing without hurting the people you love. It’s called acting, right? It’s all fake, but it fills spaces you didn’t know existed in your heart. Deep dark places that you like to keep to yourself.


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