November 1, 2014 at 12:21 am (Reflections)

I whisper now… I whisper about silver grey skies, about dreamers, fools and believers, and all those things I can’t sing about anymore. My voice is gone, like my willingness to get out of bed or even move my eyelids. No, I’m not dying for you. I’m dying for myself. By myself. As it’s always been. In morte ultima veritas. Give me truth, remember?

I was wrong, Cade, all these years ago, we are nothing alike. I did change after all, and I didn’t even realize when I drifted away, slowly, quietly. I didn’t just lose the war. To hell with humanity! I lost myself. You see, some people, they find themselves on the road, learn who they really are, what they’re really capable of (Marker 262). And others, we lose ourselves. We look in the mirror, and we only see a shadow of a previous existence. We make decisions, we play gods. I guess it’s how you know it’s your time to go (The Waters of Mars). But it’s not as easy as changing your body, Doctor, when you have no more bodies left.


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